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Jason Bond

Jason Bond

Teaching members how to beat the market swing trading stocks. 2015 YTD Returns 188% or +$176,346 in profit.

Luke Murray

Luke Murray

Moderator for Day Trading Chatroom and creator of the Lifestyle Trading program. Luke has over 16 years experience trading stocks and is highly regarded as one of the most profitable traders.

Matt Galphin

Matt Galphin

Moderator for the chatroom. Along with his own stock trading experience he assists new members and is always keeping everyone aware of changes in the overall markets.

Bart Van

unknown man in red tie

Bart Van

New moderator at Jason Bond Picks and he's already leaving his mark. He averages about 30k a month and trades mid-large cap stocks. Mostly day trades with some swing and options.

Over 40 years of stock trading experienced combined

What's included...

Here's what members get with the premium service.

Swing Trade Alerts via Text and Email

Goals are 5-10% with 3-5 day holds. Rinse and Repeat.

Daily Watch list with commentary on markets and stocks that are on watch

Jason sends out an extensive watch list every morning before the market opens so that you can watch the same stocks that he is.

Access to Chatroom with over 400 Traders daily

Chatroom has 2 day traders Luke Murray and Bart Van who alert profitable trades everyday. Luke has a $500 goal called lifestyle trading everyday. Bart averages over 30k a month. Both are amazing traders to learn from.

Extensive video education library

The best part of the service, Jason utlizing his great teaching skills from when he use to be a high school teacher before trading stocks. You will receive access to all of his training material and he is always adding videos throughout the year.

Full Access to Jason's Portfolio

At any time you can pull up Jason's portfolio and see what he is trading. He's one of the most transparent traders I've seen.

Most Recent Trades

Here's the most recent swing trade alerts from Jason

OPTT +3.4% or $3,700

6/7 - 1 Day Hold

SIEN +5.3% of $2,200

6/6 - 4 Day Hold

ZAGG +12% or $6,000

6/3 - 2 Day Hold

SQ -4% or -$1,300

5/24 - 5 Day Hold

BOSC +5% or $3,600

6/1 - 1 Day Hold

KOOL +5.3% or $5,000

6/9 - 1 Day Hold

Let Jason Teach You!

The stock market is tough. I found that trading alone was the worse thing to do. Finding Jason and his team has increased my knowledge and understanding of how the market works and I'm more and more profitable everyday. This service works for full time and part time traders. If you don't want to be tied to your computer all day or work another full time job, then let Jason do the work for you!

What other Members are Saying.

I am always skeptical when I see the "testimonials" but in this case, I see most of them in chat every day. They are real people with real results.


You’re killing it man! Out YGE +.27 and out NEON +.70! First month trading with you and Luke and it’s already paid for the 3 month subscription 10 times, and it would have been more if I had a bigger account hah. Thank you for all the help. Watched all your videos and it’s been incredible to see it in action. ~ Jeremy B.


I joined your service yesterday and am working my way through your videos. I’ve looked at a number of services before deciding to join yours. I liked your pitch and approach; and the fact that you know how to teach was a real plus in your column. :-) The videos have been very easy to follow and I feel I’m already getting value from them. - Dave M.


Good morning Jason. Just a quick note to say thank-you. I took a small position on JDST yesterday and woke up this morning with a weeks pay in my account. This service helps me to live a very independent lifestyle. I mean, it’s 6:37am and I’m pretty much done for the day, if that’s the way I want to go. So yes, thank-you. ~ Sean M


Just doing my math here and up $2,700 for the week. Thanks JB. You are a good teacher. ~ Ronald B.