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I’ve been a member for almost 2 years. I’ve had plenty of time to figure out if Jason and his team are legit enough to trust putting my money behind. Time and time again Jason proves he’s got the game figured out. First lets go over what you get with the premium service and we’ll expand from there. Reading through this review will not only help you decide if its a good fit but also help educate you for if you do decide to become a member so that you can get the most out of Jason’s service.

Who is Jason Bond?

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Jason was a school teacher for 10 years before making his mark on wall street. His background in teaching adds so much value to the service that members are eventually able to trade on their own. When Jason began trading stocks he will tell you that it was no cake walk. Taking out a loan and playing penny stocks; he just started throwing money in stocks without really having a plan. Over the years he has worked on 3 simple strategies that he follows every day. Those 3 strategies has helped him gain over +167% return in 2015, +330% in 2016 and +215% as of June 30th 2017. Jason started picking up followers with his success and eventually he went on to create one of the most successful swing trade newsletters. Over the years it has expanded which I will outline below.


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What do you get when you Subscribe?

Real-time swing trade stock alerts…

  • Stock alerts are sent via Text and Email
  • Goals are 5-10%, rinse and repeat.
  • Most stocks are under $10

Daily Watch list so that you can see exactly what Jason is watching everyday…

  • Watch list is emailed to members every morning
  • Includes stocks that Jason is watching for that day
  • Any pertinent market news
  • Portfolio updates

Training Material…

  • Over 55 Video Lessons and Counting
  • Jason teaches you everything you need to know about his techniques

Jason's web lesson screenshot


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Track Record

Jason had an incredible 2015. Ending the year with +188% in returns, +$176,346.00. Thats with a starting investment of $93,802.17. Here’s Jason’s return since the newsletter was started back in 2011.

As of 6/30/17 Jason has a YTD return  of +215%, or +$215,000

Jason bond picks year to date 2017


Long Term Newsletter  – Included with the Swing Trading Newsletter

16 Wins out of 17 alerts and over $40,000 in profits in just a few months. 

Jason has built a longer term swing trading newsletter to work for people who work other full time jobs. His alerts only go to email and text message so that it gives members time to get their order ready. This service is easier entries and exits, with longer hold times. If you’re a busy professional who can’t keep their eyes glued to the screen all day, this service is worth a look.

Millionaire Road-map (Previously Mentor)

Jason has yet another service geared towards beginners and professionals looking to step up their game. Here’s what you get…

  • Chatroom with access to Jason all day for all your questions
  • Live trading sessions with Jason and Luke Murray (Day Trader)
  • Live screen share of Jason’s actual e-trade trading account during market hours.
  • Daily video lesson with analysis of trades and the markets.
  • All DVD’s included for free.
  • Day Trade alerts from Bart Van trades mostly higher priced stocks $10 – $100. He also alerts option plays for higher price stocks too. He alerts the levels that are in play before it happens. For example he will alert “TWTR > 41.75”. That means he set an order to buy if the price goes over 41.75. The opposite will be is he posts “TWTR < 41.75”, then he is intending to short twitter under 41.75. The alert is active until he says otherwise. He will post when he sells the position or announce that its canceled if the level is no longer in play. He averages about 30k per month with his technique.

Jason has said he will eventually close the doors to the mentor service and only open it a certain times of the year. Keep tabs on any changes by signing up for his free email list.


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Day Trading Chatroom – Includes day trade alerts from Luke Murray. Over 400 traders everyday…

  • #1 Day Trading Chatroom
  • For active swing and day traders
  • Day Trades alerted by Luke Murray and Bart Van
  • 400+ active members daily alerting you to news and stock setups

***This is no longer included in the swing trading service, it is now called Luke Murray Day Trading***

Day Trade Alerts

Everyday in the chatroom you will find alerts from Luke Murray and Bart Van. They both have different styles but you will pick up on them pretty quickly. Luke is mostly momentum trading. He also created lifestyle trading, every morning he has a $500+ goal. When he meets the goal he will say “lt done”, thats how you know he met the goal. He will continue trading all day but his reason for creating the program is so that members can realize a goal early on in the day and stop trading. Most traders have to deal with over trading and giving their profits back during the day. With lifestyle trading, you meet your goal and stop trading for the day.

Luke also announces some swing trades and also end of day Gap Plays. Many traders anxiously await Luke’s end of day Gap Plays. Luke has made insane amount of gains on overnight gap plays where he is looking at the daily price action/volume/news to try and predict a gap up the following day.



Jason Bond Picks – It’s a Scam!

I’m sure you’ve come across something online about Jason being a scam. Don’t fall for it, its just competing newsletters or disgruntled members who didn’t follow Jason’s lessons. When I first started researching newsletters, I came across so much information that I eventually gave up and just joined. I figured I had to just make a decisions and decide for myself. It ended up being the best decision I ever made!



They don’t exist. Many people search for coupon codes but with no luck because Jason rarely if ever gives discounts for his service. The only discounts I have ever seen is when you upgrade to a yearly membership. Other than that Jason offers up a periodic $1 10 day trial every few months. The last trial was in the beginning of May and I don’t believe he is planning another one till the fall. Your best chance at getting any promo’s or trial information is by subscribing to his email list here.



Here’s some recent testimonials;


Thank you all – I am new to the group in GBSN @ $2.99 out $3.46 +$940 – Thanks Luke and JB ~ Nathalie N.

+$2,238 on the day ty Luke and JB and everyone here! ~ Larry J.

So i got in on GIGA at $2.17 hit target at $2.35 for an $1,800 win. Thank you JB ~ Bill A.

My 1st week here & i made A LOT OF $$$ thx SO MUCH to all the admins!!! THANK YOU!!! so happy right now!!! ~ Hector S.

Sorry everyone for so much chat, bit excited today everything in the plan has worked JB thnx for all your teaching $PBMD ~ Jan G.

Thank you Luke i’m out $PBMD $5,200 ~ Xavier B.

$PBMD out +$6,000 ~ Francisco Y.

In and out $PBMD 7 times last 2 days +$3,200 thank you Luke ~ Jason E.

Out $PBMD + $1,090 not bad for 1/2 hour ~ James P.

$PBMD +$2,000 and still going. If it makes $4 today will be my best day over $9,000 ~ Jan G.

I just want to say joining your chat room months ago was the best investment money i have ever spent. Your education videos and updates .. Thx ~ James T.

Out $PBMD 2.94 +$3,100 ~ Christian B.

Out GIGA 50% @ $2.70 ; rest at $3.04 +$6,000 ; thanks JB! ~ Thomas B.

Out $ISR +$4,300!! Thanks LUKE!!! ~ Matthew T.

Final Word

Jason has built an incredible service that he intends on running for years and years to come. His 10 years teaching in public schools really gives him an edge over all the other newsletters out there. In the 2 years I’ve been a member, I’ve always seen him do the right thing. I’ve never seen him alert swing trade alerts and sell 2 minutes later like many other newsletters. Spend 1 day in chat and you will see how its a great family atmosphere and so many people touting nice wins everyday. Give it a try for 90 days to see if it works for you, if anything you will get access to all the training material which I think is worth the price itself.

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